Hi..i am Rejitha …actually am a doctor ..still cant figure out how or why i became one in the first place.

This brings us to reasons why i want to start blogging  and am going to follow the BLOGGING101 instructions to the core.

i am 30 yrs old …my life especially the past 10 years have been ..for want of a better word..rocky.PS: hence the title.But i want to get past all of that..and really really want help in focussing all my energy to e of being the best me.

Blogging for me…is to

1)face the facts…whic is the most difficult part of all.i think writing down and reading it will help with the first phase of my evolution

2)get help from ..well… all of you who may concern themselves swith reading my post

3)Allow me to help anyone and everyone to the very best of my abilities

4)and most of all..i would really like to record my graph….in the hopes it will be a steep curve upwards..

Well here it is….i am ing isnot sure if this makes a great post..but..i am going to try.There is so much i would like to talk ,think ,share about…

Blogging is going to be my big colorful umbrella….

The following can be considered an intro/new post/continuation to the my earlier shitty posts…


i forgot to add my interest….a)humor..b)cooking,,indian especially c)travel d)….:-)

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