Light? What light?

Thats all

Hoping for a better tomorrow



July 11 ,Monday

Time to dust myself up…

I have been depressed, unwell,lazy and I hated it.but guess what I hated more,people meddling with my life …the more I withdrew into a shell .

I have insecurities ,tons of them..I don’t want anybody adding on to it.

So time to snap out of it..get out.


PS: this is more of a war-cry

Finally… The meaning of condescending…

I have heard this word…so many times…yet not understanding d meaning….

Today… I told my husband… “Hey…have started blogging… “The look he gave me brought This word to my mind…

I looked it up…nd voila…d word had popped into my brain at the right time…

Don’t get me wrong…he is supporting …no matter what….but today he was a condescending a**

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Travel Bucket List: 10 Spectacular Earth Landscapes

one of these days…one of these days…

Why? Because Science.

Lately, I’ve been featuring some of Earth’s most fantastical places on Why? Because Science Facebook page. For those of you who haven’t seen them, I’ve taken the liberty of putting together an ambitious bucket list of 10 of the most beautiful and amazing landscapes. So, pack your bags, strap on some heavy-duty hiking shoes and give your boss the finger, cos we’re going travelling!

Spotted Lake of British Columbia

# 1: The Spotted Lake of British Columbia, Canada. The evaporation of mineral-rich water in Summer leaves behind a landscape of polkadot lakes of varying colours and sizes, depending on the concentration of minerals in each pool (Source: Roberta Olenick/All Canada Photos).

Unbelievable places China

# 2: Chinese Canola Field: A Chinese landscape is bathed in bright yellow as canola fields go into bloom. You could play a version of “Where’s Wally” here, with the target being Big Bird instead. (Source:

Hang Sơn Đoòng Vietnam

# 3: Hang Sơn Đoòng, Vietnam:

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Hi..i am Rejitha …actually am a doctor ..still cant figure out how or why i became one in the first place.

This brings us to reasons why i want to start blogging  and am going to follow the BLOGGING101 instructions to the core.

i am 30 yrs old …my life especially the past 10 years have been ..for want of a better word..rocky.PS: hence the title.But i want to get past all of that..and really really want help in focussing all my energy to e of being the best me.

Blogging for me…is to

1)face the facts…whic is the most difficult part of all.i think writing down and reading it will help with the first phase of my evolution

2)get help from ..well… all of you who may concern themselves swith reading my post

3)Allow me to help anyone and everyone to the very best of my abilities

4)and most of all..i would really like to record my graph….in the hopes it will be a steep curve upwards..

Well here it is….i am ing isnot sure if this makes a great post..but..i am going to try.There is so much i would like to talk ,think ,share about…

Blogging is going to be my big colorful umbrella….

The following can be considered an intro/new post/continuation to the my earlier shitty posts…


i forgot to add my interest….a)humor..b)cooking,,indian especially c)travel d)….:-)

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Happppy happpy happpy happpy Christmas… all…and special wishes to my dear friends whom I shutting out bcos…. I need a time out or trying to find myself or whatever crap I am goin through…

Special bleee to all..

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